Internal procedure for approval of a program

The generic procedure for approval of a development program of a country has an internal phase and external phase:

Internal approval of the project:

The aid recipient country makes a request for a grant or loan. Once the project is approved it is included in a multiannual scheme. From here, any company can pursue an opportunity. Usually it is announced two years in advance.

External phase:

The Agency publishes various opportunities through one of these formulas:

1. Public invitation to submit proposals directed to all interested parties. Here we must distinguish between:
Notice periods and General Procurement Notices. They report that a project has been approved and shortly will begin the bidding process. There is usually a minimum of one month.
Recruitment announcement or Specific Procurement Notices. The beneficiary agency officially announces its plans to conduct a bidding process. In these cases a deadline and a set of instructions for the submission of offers is set.
2. Pre-selection of bidders.
3. Evaluation and comparison of offers.
4. Award and signature of the contract.