Types of projects

Multilateral organizations and cooperation agencies employ three types of projects:

Contracts for the supply of goods and equipment. Through these goods, materials and equipment of all kinds are bought, such as: industrial products, water treatment plants, generators, medical and educational equipment, heavy machinery, etc. and its services.

Technical Assistance contracts or services. Through these activities are performed:

Technical Assistance
strategic plans
Sectoral studies and market
Design and evaluation reports
Modernization of the State
institutional Strengthening
In addition to the financing of a project to third party beneficiaries, the agencies themselves recruit for themselves, consultancy services for the identification and formulation of projects, technical cooperation, project evaluation and feasibility studies.

Turnkey contracts (Turn-key projects). Through this type of contract the bidder agrees to design, construct and operate a particular work, assuming overall responsibility for the client. The obligations that are usually present in these contracts are, for example, the supply and transport of materials, machinery, or other post-execution of the work as staff training and technical assistance obligations.